Ou accommodations

What you need to know about our chalets …

Our chalets are all made of 100% natural logs, with a sealing strip made of cotton, linen and hemp between each log.

Brightness is omnipresent with windows lenghtwise in the bathroom, lengthwise and in height in the kitchenette with the possibility of tilt and turn. The door is a bay window for maximum light and ventilation.

In our wetrooms, large walk-in showers have been made of natural Basalt stone, opening onto the exposed frames of the chalets. Each wet room is also equipped with a monobloc sink made of natural Basalte stone.

The separate and private toilets and showers in all chalets except Green and Hutte offer more privacy when there are several people together. All sanitary equipment is quality and branded Grohe and Acova for the guarantee of duration over time.

For the cooler seasons, the chalets can be heated by convector and bathroom fan for total well-being. Indeed, all the accommodations are very well insulated by their green roof. This allows warm winters and conversely, in summer, wood restores humidity and perfectly insulates against hot weather. During warmer periods, ventilation is sufficient to cool the air down.

For chalets with a kitchen, you will find all the necessary equipment for a pleasant stay